Monday, August 15, 2011

No Followers.

I have no followers. Except my friend Destiny Soultamer.You know what? I really have no idea why I'm making this blog if no one is going to look at it. But its kinda fun to wake up and say, I am Paige Daisypetal and I am going to write a blog for people who would like to know about me. (no one) Lets see......what do people want to know about me?(nothing) Maybe I have some comments.(no you dont)I hope one day someone really will comment on atleast one of my posts.(never) Oh my gosh whats with all the n words?(nevermind)

Paige Daisypetal :/


  1. Dear Paigie. I have some advice for you.
    1. Today I posted my blog URL on three sites
    2. It's in my W101 central signiture
    3. I keep my chin up, no matter how odd my hat looks from that angle
    My goal is to gain at least 10 more followers by November. If I can do it, then you can.

  2. Oh, and a little something else.
    Though we're friends, there's always more we could know about eachother.
    I want to know as much as possible about W101 as possible.
    This is my second comment on this particular post.
    And the n words? You answer that.

  3. Thankyou much Destiny!

  4. Eh, just doing my work. Friendly added us to his blogroll. (Thanks, man!) Let's stop hoping and start posting, Paigie-o!

  5. Destiny is right the wizard101 blogs are welcoming but you have to work for i've got 16 followers for two reasons 1. information and 2. i talk alot about pets.

    Hey i'm the first one to post other than destiny

  6. Thanks for commenting on Paige's blog. ( P gave me permission-->) Check my blog too!