Friday, May 24, 2013

The end.

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Sorry I'm late...actually very late for that.... sooooooooo late......I've been busy busy with questing, and you'll see why. First I did some more Wild Bunch butt kicking with the Magnificent Seven, and I was eager to get one of them on my crew. I really wanted Jane Canary, but I was still happy with Duck Holliday. Take a look. (a.k.a Screenshot Story)

Duck has pretty good skills, and I'm happy he's on my crew. After Duck left, Timmy joined them, and I felt very happy for the little guy.

                              Then we had an encounter with Deacon, which was not very pleasant.

And then El Toro joined my crew! He has amazing hits, and will be my firstmate forever.

And then Captian Blood...

And then I had to get some cards...

Woah...I just realized something, I have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many things to show you guys in pictures, so I guess I'm going to have to write. I have no idea what level I was back when I was doing these old quests, but now I'm level 49! I'm super excited for Aquila and Marleybone but for now I guess we are all going to have to be patient. I was very excited after this to go to Mooshu, which was very beautiful and stunning, and I wanted to stay there forever. However, after a couple battles with some new enemies, I wanted to leave right away. Moving on to companions. I have gotten some new companions such as-  my first Mooshu companion, Hidenari Kuga, and my new first mate, The Monkey King. Monkey King is great, I just wish he was more accurate some times. As for Hidenari Kuga, he has great accuracy, I just wish he hit with better damage.

And now I'd just like to say that this is going to be my little post and I may have bigger posts later that have indepth descriptions of my adventures to level 50. As I am typing, KI is updating Marleybone and Aquila! I'm super excited and very happy that they have finally come.

Personally, I thought the ending to the game was pretty great.

It was so simple, but I thought it was kinda creative.

So I leave you now, as a level 50 musketeer. And yes I know I'm a lazy poster.

Thanks for putting up with me,
Paige :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Magnificent Seven!

My favorite gang in Cool Ranch! First off, I'd like to say that for those who celebrate Christmas, have a great holiday! Secondly, I'm so sorry about my posts. Sometimes the pictures are out of order, or there is a lot of space at the bottom. That's one of my New Year resolutions, and I'm working on it. Anyways, on to the post!

Let's start off with after the Duck of Death. I killed him...and I didn't know I'd have to do it twice! After, I was happy to talk to Don Rafael.

                                                 They loved eachother.....but Carolina....left.

                                                    And now you want me to find her.

So I set out to Port Regal, where I found Napoleguin, along with a  familiar face....Phule.

                                               I like the other side of your face better...

After seeing familiar faces in Fort Elena, I brought Mustang Sally back to Don Rodrigo, where he was very happy to see his bride.

After this story, I knew I had to reunite them, and save Tumbleweed. I went to The Old Chirp place, where I was given Wyatt Chirp's badge.

I was honored. Everyone was cheerful at the site of the Magnificent reunited, and I hope they stick together forever. Well that's whats new for me! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Shoutout to Swashbuckler Soultamer-Thanks so much for the new banner!

Paige :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spirits and Ships

Greetings Wizards and Pirates! In my recent Pirate adventures, I've stumbled upon some spirits in Cool ranch, such as Thunderbird, and Sister Snake. I was actually very scared at how huge and freaky they looked. Have you ever seen a bird that big?

I agree with Bonnie.

I also am deciding whether I should use my ship to battle, or let my enemies board me. Please leave your opinions in comments. Pirating has been going really well for me, and I think the game was worth the wait. I also learned some good talents, from Ol' Fish Eye, such as Quick Draw and I can scatter bombs! I think these talents will be helpful indeed, and wish me luck!

Paige :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

Hi everyone! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I have been thinking about posting, so I thought that I might as well add a Thanksgiving post onto it too. WARNING: This may or may not be a super long post. Now I never usually write a big list about what I'm thankful for, because I'm thankful for everything. I'm thankful for my family, and how much they care about me, I'm thankful for all my friends who have helped me through hard times. I'm thankful for Pirate101 and Wizard101, because without them I would have not been inspired to blog, and I wouldn't have met some very good friends. I hope everyone enjoys this special day. Now, onto the screenshots!

Okay so I finished Valencia, which was very annoying. Now I'm questing in Cool Ranch, which is probably one of my favorite places in the spiral. I also think that if I don't have any new world things to post about, I can just start a new posting segment called...EPIC COMPANION HITS!!! I have some pictures of those, you'll see. Now, Screenshot stories!

                                                                           Oh gosh...

Oh did I say that I got a really awesome Unicorn Swashbuckler companion? Guess not.

I also got a giant bison dude :D

These are probably some of the best companion hit pictures, and I'm going to try to take as many as I can.


This is Buckley :)

Wish me luck!

Paige :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Pirate 101!

Hi everyone! I'd just like to start off with, I LOVE PIRATE101! So far, everything has been great; I like my teacher, and I love being a musketeer! Questions will come later, but for now...SCREENSHOT STORY!

                                                       Dude I've seen you before.

                                                         I love glitches. DISCO PARTY!

                                                            STOP TRUSTING FIN!  

                                               Just die already! ...Are you wearing...lipstick?

                                                                       Go Bonnie!

                                                       Hmm. So this is the guy I have to defeat?

Pretend his eyes are open...

                                                                    Oh Bonnie.


Before I go, I have some questions that some of you can hopefully answer.

Can someone please describe to me what "good gear" is?

Is there any way I could quickly start battling with a ship, instead of waiting for them to board mine?

Would it be a good idea to have a second school?

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson (for post endings)

Tips for Valencia?

I think that's all the questions I can think of for now. I will probably keep asking questions for a while because I still need to adjust to the pirating world. Wish me luck in Valencia!

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson :)