Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Pirate 101!

Hi everyone! I'd just like to start off with, I LOVE PIRATE101! So far, everything has been great; I like my teacher, and I love being a musketeer! Questions will come later, but for now...SCREENSHOT STORY!

                                                       Dude I've seen you before.

                                                         I love glitches. DISCO PARTY!

                                                            STOP TRUSTING FIN!  

                                               Just die already! ...Are you wearing...lipstick?

                                                                       Go Bonnie!

                                                       Hmm. So this is the guy I have to defeat?

Pretend his eyes are open...

                                                                    Oh Bonnie.


Before I go, I have some questions that some of you can hopefully answer.

Can someone please describe to me what "good gear" is?

Is there any way I could quickly start battling with a ship, instead of waiting for them to board mine?

Would it be a good idea to have a second school?

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson (for post endings)

Tips for Valencia?

I think that's all the questions I can think of for now. I will probably keep asking questions for a while because I still need to adjust to the pirating world. Wish me luck in Valencia!

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson :)



  1. Good gear, in my opinion, has your class talent (see P.S.), and a good combination of armor resistance and damage. My ideal gear as a swashbuckler is maybe 5 agility, 5 armor, 3 resistance, 7 damage. (I'm level 19.)

    Start attacking their ship right away! If you haven't automatically engaged, click on the enemy ship and your cannons will automatically fire if you're in range. Press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys to use your Broadside Abilities and your Passive Abilities. If your ship health turns yellow fly away from the enemy ship so you don't get boarded. You can simply shoot the enemies out of the sky. (Anchoring in a Windlane is the fastest and safest place to heal.)

    If you're not a Privateer, training at least Rouse would benefit you greatly. If you ARE a Privateer, then choose any class you wish. There's nothing better to spend your Practice Points on.

    You should use both at the end of your posts!

    Valencia is the shortest world, I reccomend finishing the fights as quickly as you can; the Armada can really beat you up.

    P.S. All classes have a talent that increases their type of weapon.
    Stabby/Shooty= Agility
    Swashbucklers use Stabby weapons. Musketeers use Shooty weapons. Privateers use Slashy weapons. Buccaneers use Slashy and Choppy weapons. Witchdoctors use Spooky and Staffy weapons.

  2. Thanks a bunch! This really helped!

    Paige :)

  3. I'm a Buccaneer, so,as what you call a tank, I have to pile as much armor on my chest as possible, and take all the damage for everyone else. Privateers watch the health of others, so pack medium armor. Musketeers are ranged, so medium or light would work fine. Swashbucklers you know from him. Witchdocters are heavy armor and healing.

    1. privateers aren't just healers at around level 42 or so privateers become good strategisers and now i only find swashbuckler as a challenge and at level 55 or somethin privateers become the second best class

    2. privateers aren't just healers at around level 42 they become good strategisers and i've now found only swashbuckler a callenge and at level 55 or so they become the second best swashbuckler is the 1 hanging up top

  4. Good gear is clothes u where that help u out in battle

  5. try all 5 classes on pirate 101 to see wich one you are ment for.