Friday, September 9, 2011

Finally I killed you Sunken City!

Wow. I feel amazing!!!!!!!! Destiny Soultamer and I have finished sunken city! We both decided to wait until we were high enough level and finally Grubb is dead!!!!!!!!! Sorry I am really happy. This is what happened. My new friend, asked me to help her get a new spell from defeating Grubb. So I helped to be nice, and because I was waiting to do that quest, for a long time. I told Destiny to port so we could kill Grubb. When we got to the tower all my friend needed to get was a chest. She told us to battle him so she could get the chest. Destiny and I were mad but we told her to help us and we were in battle. She didn't help us until a couple rounds later. Grubb didn't join because of her. So we had to battle AGAIN, but it was easy.
Thankyou everyone!
Paige Daisypetal :) sorry my signature is changing.


  1. As another explanation, Grubb didn't show up till the other wiz came and we killed the minions. The fight was quick. The rewards were lame.

  2. Also, let's hear a little bit about Daniel, who's appeared on my blog..but he's your char..