Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's Day!

Personally, I don't LOVE April Fool's Day. It's ok, but I am not going to play a joke on you like this: Paige got deleted from my account! Now, I have to start questing all over again! OR This will be my last post, for I am quitting the blogging business. This post is becoming quite useless, so, I am going to show you some screen shots I took a long time ago. I have had them for a long time and I said to myself, "I should make this into a post!"

I thought this picture could make a cool banner, but I got over it, because I am kind of blocked out of it.

I love this spell, and I thought I could explain why with this picture, but someone kinda ruined it......

This picture was going to be in my Going to DS post, but the Jade Oni dosent look so.... dead.

This was at the spiral live after party, when we all randomly polymorphed into skeletons. Why did I take this picture?

This is when I had to do that super long Celestial quest, and I finally found the stone!

So, those were some screen shots that I never bothered to use in a post.
Random update: I am in the floating land! Tips?
That post was really random, hope you liked it!

PaigeDaisypetal :)

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