Monday, November 21, 2011

I have finished Mooshu!!!!!!

YES, I have finally finished Mooshu! Desti is really mad about it. Sorry Des! Anyways, the Tree of Life is super easy. Sadly, I don't have any screen shots. But, I do have screen shots from defeating the Jade Oni!!!!!!! That was really hard because he had 7,500 health. The emporer thanked me and I was honored.
Oh wait. This is one picture of me in front of the Tree of Life!
This is me being honored. It is also me receiving a furniture item :)
So then I got the Dragonspyre spiral key! Later, I needed to talk to Cyrus. He told me battling Malistare would be hard, and I already knew that. There is more. I needed to battle Cyrus!!!!!! This is me basically dead after I killed him.
The only things Drake casted were trolls, cyclopses, and one humungofrog. I don't have any screen shots  from Dragonspyre though. Sorry!

 Paige Daisypetal :) 
Edited by Destiny 10 seconds later for capitalization. ;)


  1. Wow congrats!! Hope you like ds, though it seemed kind of too sad for my taste, but thats my opinion, lol.

  2. (It creeps me out)I'm not that pleased with the music, yet my playlist of classical doesn't fit it either. (Still creeps me out)