Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Any Tips?

I have gotten crowns! I am in Plaza of Conquests, and Ravenscar. I want to do the best I can, so I was wondering if any of you wizards had tips for me about enemies, battling strategies, hard quests, etc. Oh, and the random picture is my awesome triton treasure card! By the way I am almost level 48! That means I am going to get................... well...................oh yeah.................a Hydra! I think. So leave a comment if you have tips! PLEASE!

PaigeDaisypetal  :)


  1. @Elijah Light Thief - Yes, it's Power Nova, but she gets a PET hydra!

    A couple of things -
    1. Your Hydra will automatically get Pip O' Plenty at teen
    2. Check instances/gauntlets in Dragonspyre before entering to make sure that you can teleport in if you die. If you can't, and you can't on a lot of them, go fully prepared, possibly with potions filled, and bring a friend or two. :)
    3. In Ravenscar, some of the battles are tough. Remember, minions are your friends. And for the final battle, gather up some friends, and if I'm online, I'll come, too. It's nice to have a Balance/Storm combo for powering and damaging, and then you can work with about anything, specifically Life for healing, and Ice for shielding and AoEs if a big Storm Lord/Sirens doesn't work!
    4. Good luck and happy questing!

  2. Thanks Elijah. I was asking Destiny,but she didn't know. At level 48 for balance wizards, do we also get a hydra pet? just wondering...................

  3. Thanks Swordroll. I need to friend you if you get online. I am in The Grand Chasm and I have to battle Kol Shadowsong. I never thought I had to defeat him, I thought he was just a cool minion. I hope I can friend you so we can battle Kol together. Thanks for the tips!

    PaigeDaisypetal :)