Friday, January 20, 2012

Time Travel and other stuff.

Ok. So I just time traveled in Dragonspyre! If I explain everything to you, we will be in the future. Ok here we go with screenshots!

                                               Kol is dead! Ignore me and Desti's conversation. (Not in DS yet!)

                                          Friendly Oni! (The oni who won't kill me!) Still Not in DS!

                                           Not so friendly Oni! (Now I am in DS!)

                                         Oh yeah! Portal time! Into the past!

                                             Now we change to Hydra time!

Now were back to Pretty Dragonspyre!

Ahhhh! Technical Difficulties!

Pretty Mountain!

Sylvia Drake? WOW! She needs makeup!

Go Crystals!

Creepy stuff in Jaill cells!

AHHHhh! Headless saytr!

Ra! (I need to crop this)

Ra! I am so going to make this into my banner!

PaigeDaisypetal :) Hope you liked the screenshots! By the way I am level 48! (But I still haven't done the quest for it)

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