Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok. I just defeated Malistare! It was so fun! Here are some screenshots to explain.

This was me riding the drake! Where are we going? Wheres his head?

This was the elevator in the dungeon. It needed some music.

When Destiny,Chris the healer, and I finally got off the elevator, the door we needed to go into was locked. Destiny thought we had to defeat these dudes to get the key, (above) but then we found a crystal stand and activated it. Destiny was really embarrassed.

Time passed, (which means that I didn't take screenshots) and Malistare suddenly appeared.
(Sorry about Desti's random frost giant, that is just for you to look at till my next screenshot)

Hmmmm. I know that I have screenshots before this, but I can't find them. Sorry about that. This is Destiny's        Woolly Mammoth killing Malistare! I feel bad she used her only one though, but it was for a good cause.

This is when I actually felt bad for Malistare!

Go us! Go go go us! I wonder where Chris went.

This is really hard to see, but that is the dragon titan's eyeball!

WOW. I am surprised he still remembers me.

PaigeDaisypetal :)  Leave a comment for tips on Celestia!


  1. Congratulations! I assume that you and Destiny did it together and had a great time! Now off to a whole new storyline with a very prominent evil villain - Morganthe! My tips for Celestia would be to slowly work your deck down to very few cards for both mobs and bosses, so that you'll always be drawing the cards you need and not the only that you don't. Especially with the first location, those enemies are tough! You'll want to kill them as fast as possible!

    Then there's Astral Schools, and those all have their advantages and disadvantages. Although this post is mostly for fun, you can take a quiz and read more about each school at

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. When I turned level 50, (I was still in DS) I ported to my friend in Celestia, and Destiny told me I should train an astral school. She gave me the link to your website, and then I took the test and got moon. When I trained, I got very sad because the gobbler transformation (to me) is useless. Should I train another school?

    That was a random story relating to your second paragraph.

    Thanks so much!
    PaigeDaisypetal :)