Friday, February 10, 2012

Updates and updates.

I have been way too busy questing to post. So, you might get bored of reading, because I have a lot to say. Let's begin!

1. I got POWER NOVA! It is so awesome! Kinda. The first time I used it, I attacked Balance enemies :(

2. Of course, I also got a Hydra Pet! Does it give me anything else besides the Hydra Spell?

3. Last Update. I finally turned Level 50! (should I get new gear?) I got the quest to talk to Dueling Diego, and I got my first Critical hood/hat/thingy! By the way, my hood/hat/thingy was purple when I first got it, so I had to go to the dye shop.
Des was editing, and thinks the helmet looks awesome :)
How does it look? I think it's pretty awesome, although it makes me think I'm bald.

PaigeDaisypetal :)
Edited by Des, who will stop editing very soon, watch for a post about it.


  1. Wow, congratz on level 50! That's a big accomplishment! At this point, getting new gear is up to you, but don't spend too much time farming for it if you're going to, because you'll be off into Celestia before you know it! If it were me, I'd stay stop by the Bazaar and pick out some of that good level 45 gear... at least I think they sell it there.

    Farming for level 50 gear was always fun, though, so it's definitely an option. Mercenaries for Hire (a free help service) over on Wizard101 Central would be great to team up with for farming!

    Keep up the questing and good luck!

  2. Thanks Swordroll! I always appreciate your tips!