Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you haven't guessed by the title, I have now started questing in Zafaria!!! When I first stepped foot in zf, I wanted to get my new gear, but then I saw the prices......Wow! If gear costs that much in Zafaria, then how much does gear cost in Avalon!

                                                               Woo woo!!!!

                                                  An elephant as a student....perfectly normal.

                                                    A giant bug.....Now that's disgusting.

                                         Well so far I have one student out of....a lot more to go.

                                                       Level 61 Paige Daisypetal, is outta here! 
                                                                 Feel free to leave tips!


  1. Is it just my computer, or are the captions messed up....

  2. Congrats :) and its kind of messed up on my computer too

  3. Thanks you guys! And good to know Talon :)