Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogoversary and more!

PARTY TIME!!!! Indeed, my- or should I say our blogoversary day has come! Destiny found out that we had the same blogoversary, and urged me to make a post about it. I knew today felt special! It feels like yesterday I was picking out the name Paige Daisypetal, and choosing her purple pony-tailed hair. Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post about going to Zafaria. I have finally made my way to Stone Town, and am very close to The Waterfront. It was probably most annoying that after every 6 battles with Greyhorns, and Musuth Berserkers I went back to the quest giver and they told me to defeat 7 MORE. OH JOY. In one quest, an elephant told me she had to make her way to Marleybone, Mooshu, Avalon, and Polaris. Is Polaris  in Avalon or is that going to be the next world... On another note, SCREENSHOT STORIES!

                                             This is my Ravenwood ball outfit, and I'm sorry to say I couldn't make it. I did come for a little while, but then......

                                                 WOOLLY MAMMOTH! Indeed it is, even though it looks like a bunch of icicles. During my couple minutes in the Ravenwood ball, I was offered a chance to join some wizards and conquer Waterworks! Considering I have had so many people turn down my offers to do it, I had no choice.       We just defeated the evil balance boss, and had come even closer to the end. I had barely any health left so I ported out of the tower and filled my potions. I tried to port back but, I couldn't. It was one of the saddest things I have ever done, but it happened.

                       I have grown very fond of Leviathan, since it was cast about 20 times by one of my friends.

                                                        Yay another student!

                                                If it isn't my old nemesis, the sock monkey.

                                           Darn. That day I really wanted to plant, but I went a bit too overboard  and this happened to me 8 times.

Paige Daisypetal :)

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  1. Happy blogoversary to my best friend and partner-in-crime. Glad you stuck around with me :)