Sunday, February 26, 2012


 I just voted on Destiny's poll and found out that people want to kill her off of Frozen to Death! ( if you don't know what I am talking about, then look at Destiny's blog). I voted to save her, and then I saw the other votes. Destiny is a HUGE part of Frozen to Death, so why would anyone want to take her out of it?  She had so many ideas, and she was so committed! If you voted to save her, then leave a comment. If you voted to take her off of Frozen to Death, then leave a comment and tell me why. 

PaigeDaisypetal :(

Friday, February 24, 2012


Ok. I just defeated Malistare! It was so fun! Here are some screenshots to explain.

This was me riding the drake! Where are we going? Wheres his head?

This was the elevator in the dungeon. It needed some music.

When Destiny,Chris the healer, and I finally got off the elevator, the door we needed to go into was locked. Destiny thought we had to defeat these dudes to get the key, (above) but then we found a crystal stand and activated it. Destiny was really embarrassed.

Time passed, (which means that I didn't take screenshots) and Malistare suddenly appeared.
(Sorry about Desti's random frost giant, that is just for you to look at till my next screenshot)

Hmmmm. I know that I have screenshots before this, but I can't find them. Sorry about that. This is Destiny's        Woolly Mammoth killing Malistare! I feel bad she used her only one though, but it was for a good cause.

This is when I actually felt bad for Malistare!

Go us! Go go go us! I wonder where Chris went.

This is really hard to see, but that is the dragon titan's eyeball!

WOW. I am surprised he still remembers me.

PaigeDaisypetal :)  Leave a comment for tips on Celestia!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Updates and updates.

I have been way too busy questing to post. So, you might get bored of reading, because I have a lot to say. Let's begin!

1. I got POWER NOVA! It is so awesome! Kinda. The first time I used it, I attacked Balance enemies :(

2. Of course, I also got a Hydra Pet! Does it give me anything else besides the Hydra Spell?

3. Last Update. I finally turned Level 50! (should I get new gear?) I got the quest to talk to Dueling Diego, and I got my first Critical hood/hat/thingy! By the way, my hood/hat/thingy was purple when I first got it, so I had to go to the dye shop.
Des was editing, and thinks the helmet looks awesome :)
How does it look? I think it's pretty awesome, although it makes me think I'm bald.

PaigeDaisypetal :)
Edited by Des, who will stop editing very soon, watch for a post about it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Booster Post II

In short, Des was here..
I always save a couple good shots for Booster Posts...


Feb. 3,
Dear Diary, today I almost died. On the good side, I went to CL!!

And yes, another twin mount shot. =D
I've been crafting more, transmuting ore for diamonds, and more ore for Black Lotuses..
Since this is just a booster, I'm not going to say much more.
Keep Traveling!

Friday, February 3, 2012

First New New Gear, now New mount!

Hopefully that explains this post. I just realized I had 90,000 gold! So, I went into the crowns shop and treated myself to a Royal Lioness!  Right after I got the uncommon mount( at least I thought that...) I saw something that..... well just look at the second to last picture. By the way I have no idea who that is. Now Desti and I have the same mount! Kinda...........(top picture) 

PaigeDaisypetal :) I think that the last picture would make a great banner!