Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Pirate 101!

Hi everyone! I'd just like to start off with, I LOVE PIRATE101! So far, everything has been great; I like my teacher, and I love being a musketeer! Questions will come later, but for now...SCREENSHOT STORY!

                                                       Dude I've seen you before.

                                                         I love glitches. DISCO PARTY!

                                                            STOP TRUSTING FIN!  

                                               Just die already! ...Are you wearing...lipstick?

                                                                       Go Bonnie!

                                                       Hmm. So this is the guy I have to defeat?

Pretend his eyes are open...

                                                                    Oh Bonnie.


Before I go, I have some questions that some of you can hopefully answer.

Can someone please describe to me what "good gear" is?

Is there any way I could quickly start battling with a ship, instead of waiting for them to board mine?

Would it be a good idea to have a second school?

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson (for post endings)

Tips for Valencia?

I think that's all the questions I can think of for now. I will probably keep asking questions for a while because I still need to adjust to the pirating world. Wish me luck in Valencia!

PaigeDaisypetal or Friendly Paigeparkinson :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just wanted to tell you...

I LOVE PIRATE101! That's right everyone! At first I didn't really like the game, but ever since I started battling those clockworks, I got addicted! No worries, this doesn't mean I won't stop talking about Wizard101, but I will start posting about Pirate101. One of the reasons I like Pirate101 is because I'm back with Destiny!  She was in beta, so she didn't really quest in the wizard world, but now I'll see her more, and we can finally be questing buddies! Well, if I catch up in time... Another reason why I like it so much, is probably because....oh I don't know....IT'S SUPER AWESOME! It's going to take me a while to get used to everything, and figuring out everybody's name, and I have some questions.

What is the max amount of people who are allowed in combat?
How come we never see Boochbeard?
When do I have to start paying for areas?
How come Bonnie Anne isn't my first mate because we're both musketeers!

Okay, well some of these questions are a bit dumb, but I still want to know the answers, and if there are any.
If you couldn't tell by question 4, I am a musketeer! WOOOOO!!!!

I have an awesome first mate-  Wing Chun. (although I still want Bonnie Anne) 

Wish me luck, and please leave a comment if you think I should change my post ending to "Friendly Paige Parkinson", or keep it how it is.

Paige Daisypetal :) or Friendly Paige Parkinson :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Paige? Here!

Hello everyone! I hope all wizards and pirates are enjoying questing, and are ready for this post! Okay, so as you know I left off at the Jabberwock, which took me about ten tries. The only reasons why it took me so long, we're probably because all the awesome wizards who helped me killed him, and I was the only one dead. That happened nine times, until finally... SNOW ANGEL ATTACK!!!

                                                          Woo woo! Oh look I'm not DEAD!

                                                                  Then I got this awesome badge...

                                          Then I got this gear...and I'm currently questing in The Wyrd!

No worries, this post was small, but when I get on Pirate101...BOOM. (Also, I'm trying to fix the layout of my posts, so sorry about the words all over the place)

Paige Daisypetal :)