Sunday, November 27, 2011

I have noticed that..........

Are any of you people Harry Potter fans? Well... I have noticed that Cyrus Drake looks a lot like Voldemort. Tell me if you think so.  This is Voldemort.
This is Cyrus.
See the similarities?
PaigeDaisypetal :)
Desti put photos in..
Keep Traveling!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes. I love turkey!!!!!!!! THAT was an odd thing to say. SO. How was your Thanksgiving? What are you awesome wizards thankful for? If someone asked me that, I would say.....GOBBLE.
Then, I would polymorph into a gobbler and eat that person. No no no. WELL possibly.......
Happy Thanksgiving! (for the second time)

PaigeDaisypetal :)
Destiny edited and tower shielded against Paige the gobbler. Ye won't make a meal out of meh!!
Paige edited and used judgement  scarab.
Destiny rofls at her awesome edit..
Paige says.....If you edit this one more time, I will....well I am not going to say anything, because you will make into something bad.
Destiny uses Frost Giant buffed with everything she had collected, feint, curse, ice trap, and balefrost. Destiny dances.
Paige says.... ugh. I knew it.
By the way everyone Destiny is an admin of my blog, so she edited this post. Believe me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best Person ever!

I met this guy on Wizard 101 today. He is level 70 life and really awesome! He is also so nice!!!!I accidently used his feint trap, and he was suprisingly okay with it. I even friended him. He helped everyone and didn't stop till they were satisfied. I hope I can be like him. I also hope you guys will meet someone like that too. When me and Desti were battling with him, he did the new life nome spell! Sorry my computer will not let me post any screenshots!!!! AHHHHHHhHH! Check Desti's blog for screen shots.
I am positive she will have something.

PaigeDaisypetal :)
Desti's update: His name is Keller Jadeshade, people.
Updated by Desti seconds after posting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I have finished Mooshu!!!!!!

YES, I have finally finished Mooshu! Desti is really mad about it. Sorry Des! Anyways, the Tree of Life is super easy. Sadly, I don't have any screen shots. But, I do have screen shots from defeating the Jade Oni!!!!!!! That was really hard because he had 7,500 health. The emporer thanked me and I was honored.
Oh wait. This is one picture of me in front of the Tree of Life!
This is me being honored. It is also me receiving a furniture item :)
So then I got the Dragonspyre spiral key! Later, I needed to talk to Cyrus. He told me battling Malistare would be hard, and I already knew that. There is more. I needed to battle Cyrus!!!!!! This is me basically dead after I killed him.
The only things Drake casted were trolls, cyclopses, and one humungofrog. I don't have any screen shots  from Dragonspyre though. Sorry!

 Paige Daisypetal :) 
Edited by Destiny 10 seconds later for capitalization. ;)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick check in!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I was doing Yoshito temple in Mooshu. OOH!!!!!!! I forgot to say, that me and desti changed clothing! But, just our robes. See? OH. I just realized that I don't have any photos of us! Dang. Well, I just wanted to say howdy. This was a useless post.

Paige Daisypetal :)
Desti's Update:
Got new robes and boots. Paige got robes that look like mine but are pink and gold. She is working on Village of Sorrow, while I'm in Hametsu Village. I leveled up my three main pets (Ginger, Oliver, and Jackson) to teen, and I redecorated my house. P and I both got music players.
If you care about the secret update thingy on my blog, here is your clue:
Drink some popular herbal tea, and say what flavor it is with your nose plugged. After doing so, record what you said fon-et-ic-ly.
Keep Traveling!
(See? I tried to make the post less useless...)

Friday, November 11, 2011


1. This is me and Desti  in the ice school.
2. This is me and Desti being interrupted by a guy with an ice piggle.
3. I did the plague oni dungeon. This is him being killed by an Orthorus.
4. This is him being... dead.
5. Victory!! Me and desti standing by a fountain in plague oni's room.
6.  I was in Grizzlehiem trying to find the Yardbirds, when I saw through the walls!

Veterans Day

I actually care about Veterans day. It is not just a day off from school, or a break. It is a day to honor all of those Veterans who risk their lives for people. Instead of partying, or relaxing, you should be thanking Veterans.

Paige Daisypetal :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Big Ben Photos

Yeah, I took a lot of screenshots so, with P's permission, I'm putting my favorites up:
Ready, Aim, Fire!! This was taken in Counterweight West.

Malistaire Taunting Me. 15th Floor of Big Ben

My favorite one of them all; our portrait after the relatively easy battle (We took down Jotun  five levels ago)
As I get closer to Paige's level, and as Paige tries to maintain her status, I enter a new world. One more serene, beautiful, (girly), and challenging. Mooshu.
Keep Traveling!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Ben! again.

I am going to BIG BEN again. This time, with Desti!!!!!! She will finally be in.....MOOSHU! I am putting way too many words in caps. When desti is in mooshu, I will be so close to Dragonspyre. Sorry des!
Anyways, screen shots of Big ben will be up in a couple hours. If I get lazy, then they will be up tomorrow.

Paige Daisypetal:)