About Me

Hello, I'm Paige Daisypetal! I'm a level 75 balance wizard working through Avalon, while my friend Destiny is playing Pirate 101. (Destiny, I should mention, revamps and cleans up the blog once a month, props!) I use a pet Nightmare, Lady Phoebe, in game, as well as various  robes. I have one alt, Daniel Mythblade, who is in Krokotopia.
What I enjoy about the game is the several ways to express yourself. From your badge, to your robes, to even your deck, all the features that you choose make your wizard, yours! I also enjoy the music and the scenery everywhere, especially Mooshu. I can't stand Marleybone and sometimes Grizzleheim, unlike Destiny, but that's not my point, which was my love for serenity and peace...and flowers...

I also have started playing Pirate101 now, and I am loving it! I'm very Kingsisle created it, and keep more coming! Right now I'm level 33 in this game, and I hope not to stop! I have a Batacuda mount, and my favorite companion is probably....Bonnie Anne, or Jane Canary.

Need to reach me? Contact  pdaisypetal at gmail dot com with questions, comments, or suggestions.