Wednesday, October 5, 2011


By the way gear in the crowns shop is now 50%!!!! Anyways, Halloween is here! Almost. I have realized that every time I finish a Halloween quest, I get a black cat treasure card! So what are you guys going to do for Halloween? (EAT CANDY!!!!!!)
 Desti is going to be changing my backrounds and polls on my blog (and sometimes editing) since she and I are admins of each other.
Shoutout to the Heroic Pyromancer for his support on our blogs.

Thankyou Everyone!
Paige D.
Edited by Desti


  1. Awww...thanks! -Thunderblade
    Try asking people if you can meet up in game so you can be more known. As well as asking them in the comment to add your blog to their blogroll in the same comment.

  2. Thanks, Talon!
    Happy Hallowe'en!
    (Keep Traveling!)