Sunday, October 23, 2011

Screen Shots part 2.

 Below this post you will see screen shots part 1. I am describing them......

1. The new me! I am standing by a waterfall in Grizzelhiem. I have no idea why i took this picture.
2. The old me and the old Destiny standing in front of the genie at my Sultan's Palace.
3.The (evil twins) new me and the new Destiny with our awesome pets :) My stats are blocking her awesome pet though.
4. The old us on a Marleybone quest where you get to see a glimpse of....MALISTARE!
5. In Grizzlehiem, I saw the old me!!!!!!!!!!! (On the right old me and on the left new me!)

Hope you guys liked the screenshots!!!!!! By the way, I went crown crazy and got Nightmare Packs!
Thanks everyone!
Paige Daisypetal :)
Edited by Destiny for minor spelling errors


  1. You can caption the screenshots. Just (I think) Roll over or click on the photo once you've uploaded it. There'll be an option to caption.