Monday, October 24, 2011


I do not know if you know but, only for a day, I had a new backround screenshot. (Look UP)
I (me being stupid) did not how to put words on that. But, luckily Destiny fixed it up so I do not look stupid. Thankyou Desty!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, Desty told me something amazing!!!!!! She has evil magma peas, and everyday tthey give her scrap iron. That is not the amazing thing though. She just harvested and got.......... a TRITON treasure card!!!!!!!!! I was so happy for her! Now, I just need to persuade her to trade me that card:)Jk. She deserves it. I know that for all you level 60's out there, this isn't a big deal. But for Desty and me, it is a HUGE deal. I am going to change my endings...... See?

Paige Daisypetal :)

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